McConnell said Obama is wrong to think that the public doesn’t like the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, because they don’t understand it.

“The Washington Democrats’ explanation for ObamaCare’s enduring unpopularity still seems to be that the law is just too complicated for their constituents to understand,” McConnell said. “And the Washington Democrat solution seems to be not to actually change the policy, but to spend millions in a campaign-style PR blitz.”

McConnell instead suggested that Democrats repeal the law and start from scratch.

“News flash: If you still don’t think Americans are able to understand a law you passed more than three years ago, then there’s something wrong with your law — not with the American people,” McConnell said.

McConnell called on the president to be honest with the public and tell them that their premiums will increase, and their coverage options will be limited as a result of the law.

“The president, members of his Cabinet and the congressional Democrats who voted for this law need to get out and explain to Americans what’s headed their way,” McConnell said. “Not feed them the sunny picture painted in the ObamaCare ads that the president’s campaign team is running but actually explain the reality of the situation to them.”

Democrats argue that the healthcare law is beneficial and has ensured that people under the age 26 can stay on their parent’s insurance, people can’t be denied coverage because of preexisting conditions and women have more preventive healthcare coverage. Republicans say once major portions of the law take effect in 2014, it will damage the economy with employer mandates.