Reid’s remarks came a week after a surprise vote in the House in which Republicans couldn’t muster enough votes to pass their own farm bill that would have cut the food stamps program by more than $20 billion.

“Speaker BoehnerJohn Andrew Boehner4 reasons Mike Pompeo will succeed at Foggy Bottom The misunderstood reason Congress can’t get its job done GOP sees McCarthy moving up — if GOP loses the House MORE has a hard job. That was obvious last week when the House Republicans revolted on the farm bill,” Reid said. “His bill went down in flames.”

Reid said it was the first time since the farm programs were created in the 1930s that the House hasn’t been able to pass a farm bill. 

House Republicans quickly blamed Democrats for not supporting the bill, but Reid said it shouldn’t have been a surprise that Democrats wouldn’t support a “mean spirited bill” that “eliminated 8 billion meals for hungry American families and children.”

The Senate again passed a bipartisan farm bill, which reduces spending levels by $24 billion — $4 billion of which are cuts to food stamps.

“If the Speaker took up the Senate’s bipartisan measure, it would easily pass the House with both Republican and Democratic votes,” Reid said. “There’s no shame in passing a bill that moderates from both parties can support.”