Snowden is now reportedly in Russia, where Nelson said he fears the Russian government is learning what it can from Snowden.

"[T]he fact that he is now in Moscow and did not get on the airplane for Cuba tells me that the old KGB officer, now President of Russia Putin, is directing the show," he said. "And I wouldn't be surprised if the president of Russia is not giving the orders to milk him for every piece of information that he has."

Nelson said there is some chance that Snowden does not have any significant information to give to Russia, China or any other government, and said that might be why China let him go. But he said China may have had access to Snowden's laptop computers.

Nelson said he agrees with the decision of the Obama administration to charge Snowden with espionage, and said that charge is justified by Snowden's attempt to seek asylum in other countries.

"I think his behavior is treasonous behavior, and that the full extent of the law ought to be applied, and those countries that have a formal legal relationship with the United States ought to obey the law and have him extradited to the united States so that he can face the charges," Nelson said. "By virtue of his escapades all over the globe, I think it is clearly indicative that he does not want to face the full extent of the law."