More than 650,000 Defense Department civilian workers will take their first of 11 furlough days this week. It’s roughly a 20 percent weekly pay cut through September because of mandatory spending cuts from sequestration.

Murray, chairwoman of the Senate Budget Committee, said that her budget, which passed in the Senate this spring, replaced sequestration cuts by ending some tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy.

She and other Senate Democrats have asked for unanimous consent to hold a conference committee to work out the major differences between the House and Senate budgets, but Republicans have objected more than 10 times.

“The vast majority of families across the country agree that sequestration is a terrible way to cut spending, and there is no reason for Republicans to try to push us to the next manufactured crisis before we get to work on a balanced replacement,” Murray said.

Murray has warned Republicans that the longer lawmakers wait to pass a budget, the more risk there is for the economy.