Reid made the comment during a Sunday morning talk show appearance on "Meet the Press."

Barrasso used the fact that the administration delayed the employer mandate as an example of why the law is “unraveling.” 

At the beginning of the month, the Obama administration said it would delay until 2015 the mandate requiring businesses with more than 50 full-time employees to provide health insurance.

“We know the law isn’t working — it’s a train wreck,” Barrasso said.

Barrasso told Preident Obama to work with Republicans and Democrats to fix the Affordable Care Act, also called ObamaCare. He called on the Senate to follow the House in holding a vote to delay the mandate. The House is expected to take that vote later this week.

Barrasso also reiterated his call to repeal the whole law.

“The only solution is to permanently delay ObamaCare and replace it with something that actually works,” Barrasso said.