Schumer said this month’s heat wave has created issues for New York rail lines. He asked the DOT to work with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to make recommendations that could be included in next year’s transportation reauthorization bill.

Schumer asked the transportation agencies to look into recent derailments in New York and Connecticut to see if high temperatures played a role.

“This month alone, New York and New Jersey have experienced at least three heat-related train issues and with commuters paying so much in transit costs, these delays and derailments need to be avoided as much as possible,” Schumer said. “The feds have the resources and expertise to look at these incidents, and others, together and to make specific recommendations so that our system is better protected.”

Schumer said he has asked the DOT agencies to make recommendations on what changes need to be made to prevent heat-related accidents and delays from occurring as the climate changes. Based on those recommendations, he said lawmakers could appropriate funds to make the necessary upgrades.