Paul’s comments were sparked by an announcement from President Obama that he would send arms to Syrian rebels fighting against the violent regime the Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Several Islamic groups are leading the rebels and there have been reports that Christians are now being killed in the region.

Paul said Obama’s decision to aid the rebels threatens Christians' safety and that getting involved in the Syrian civil war goes against Congress’ constitutional power to declare war. 

“Even if you believe we should arm Islamic fighters in Syria, shouldn’t, at the very least, Congress vote on the matter?” Paul said. “The Constitution is very clear. Congress is to declare war, not the President. Nevertheless, President Obama is moving ahead with plans to get involved in the Syrian civil war, without the authorization of Congress.”

Paul is expected to mount a presidential campaign in 2016. During his speech Monday, he did little to quell those speculations.

“An America that did not seek to become involved in every conflict of the world could take better care of our nation’s greatest resource — our soldiers, including improving a broken VA system and better overall healthcare for those who’ve served,” Paul said.

Paul also criticized the way Obama has handled conflicts in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“For our country’s sake, certainly for our soldiers’ sake — for the sake of every veteran who ever donned a uniform and fought for this country — America’s mission should always be to keep the peace, not police the world,” Paul said.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars 144th National Convention was held in Louisville, Ky. — Paul's home state.