McConnell predicted that Obama would “bemoan” the state of the economy but fail to take any responsibility. He encouraged Obama to instead work with lawmakers to get things done.

“Instead of working with us on solutions, he’s out giving speeches,” McConnell said. “And here’s the kicker: Instead of taking responsibility for his failure to lead, he’ll probably try and cast this as some titanic struggle between those who believe in quote-unquote ‘investing’ in the country, and those who supposedly want to eliminate paved roads, or stop signs, or whatever ridiculous straw man he invents this time. 

“Give me a break.”

McConnell said Republicans aren’t the villains the president makes them out to be. Instead the GOP simply wants a more “efficient” government.

McConnell said if Obama truly wanted to create jobs, he’d approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

“It’s time for him to choose — between his political friends and the middle-class families who stand to benefit from the jobs, growth, and energy that Keystone would bring,” McConnell said. “Keystone is just one example of a project the president could work with both parties to implement right now that would help the economy.”

Obama is expected to give several speeches starting today about the U.S. economy and jobs.