Coburn accused the AOUSC of sending judges to vacation destinations, including the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia and the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado for conferences. 

“Recent news reports highlight that judicial conferences are alive and well,” the letter stated. “In times of limited financial resources and fear that furloughs may cause cancellation of hearings, the AOUSC should prioritize the administration of justice over a conference.”

Coburn also said the Courts are ignoring a Government Accountability Office recommendation to stop federal courthouse construction.

“Instead of spending millions of dollars on unneeded and poorly planned courthouse construction, the federal Judiciary should properly assess these costs in advance by accounting for congressional size limits, the number of judges utilizing the courthouse, courtroom sharing and maintenance costs,” Coburn wrote.

He asked Bates to provide his office by Aug. 16 a list of conferences and expenses incurred in addition to the number of furloughed workers within the department, among other things.

Coburn has sent letters to several federal agencies with suggestions on how to better manage sequestration cuts.