Brown: VA's disability claims backlog is 'unacceptable'

Brown called on the VA to implement changes he’s proposed in legislation. The Veterans Services Outreach Act would require the agency to notify veterans filing claims electronically that they can receive help to reduce their wait time. The Claims Processing Improvement Act would require the VA to publicly report information on its projected monthly goals and actual production so that Congress knows if the department is eliminating the backlog. The bill would also hire and train more claims processors.

“The Veterans Services Outreach Act would significantly reduce their wait by providing veterans the important information and assistance they need to improve their claims,” Brown said. “Finally, the Claims Processing Improvement Act would give the VA the tools it needs to better attack the backlog so that it can be eliminated.”

Brown partially blamed the claims backlog on the influx of veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

Brown serves on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

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