Earlier this week, Judge Ronald White of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma allowed a case brought by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt against ObamaCare to move forward.

“Through the IRS, the administration has attempted to redefine ObamaCare’s mandate tax and unlawfully hike fees on employers in Oklahoma and the 33 other states that chose not to participate in the state healthcare exchange,” Inhofe said. “Attorney General Pruitt’s case exposed this overreach, and it’s no wonder the Obama administration attempted to thwart his efforts in court.”

Republicans have argued that healthcare mandates within the law will raise insurance costs for individuals and that employers who would have to provide insurance to full-time employees will reduce workers’ hours and stop hiring.

“[The court decision] has served as a reminder of how expensive and burdensome ObamaCare will be on our economy,” Inhofe said. “Not only will the law stifle innovation and act as a disincentive for job growth, but it will ultimately hurt the very group of people President Obama promised to help.”

Democrats point out that the law is already benefiting those with pre-existing conditions who can’t be denied coverage, people younger than 26 who can stay on their parent’s insurance plan and women who now pay less for preventative healthcare.

Some Republicans have called for a full repeal of the law, which the Supreme Court ruled as constitutional.