The U.S. Forest Service issued Marilyn Monk, a day care operator, a $350 citation for allowing children to eat at a picnic table in the Tongass National Forest without first obtaining a permit.

“What are they thinking?” Murkowski said. “It shouldn’t take an act of Congress, or a U.S. Senator getting personally involved to ensure Alaskans are treated fairly.”

Murkowski praised the Forest Service's decision to dismiss the $350 fine when she brought the issue to the attention of USFS Chief Thomas Tidwell.

Monk thanked Murkowski for getting involved and said she didn’t realize she needed a permit to have a picnic in the forest.

“What is happening when you can’t go out to a national forest and have a picnic for kids without a permit?” Monk said, according to the press release. “That was a crazy thing asking me to have a permit, but I am thankful and relieved that Senator Murkowski took this ridiculous fine to the top and got it dealt with.”