Twelve soldiers were killed, as well as one civilian, during a shooting in 2009 on the Fort Hood military base. More than 30 more people were injured. The shooter, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, is currently on trial in Texas.

Cornyn said that honors such as the Purple Heart and Medal of Defense of Freedom have not been issued and that benefits, such as hostile fire pay and special compensation for combat-related disabilities, have not been administered to those wounded that day. Families of victims have also been denied additional life insurance benefits and associated tax breaks, which Cornyn said they deserve.

“This is wrong, and it requires our immediate attention,” Cornyn wrote. “To that end, I am currently drafting legislation that would make the Fort Hood victims and their families eligible for all the honors and benefits available to their comrades serving in overseas combat zones.”

Cornyn said he was optimistic that his legislation would receive bipartisan support and could be included in the upcoming Defense authorization bill.

“There is nothing remotely political about this issue,” Cornyn said. “It’s about honoring the victims and providing assistance to them and their loved ones.

“We must not let them down.”