The House releasing its own Water Resource Development Act (WRDA), which did not include funding for an Army Corp of Engineers project in to rebuild Morganza levees and locks, prompted her comments.

“I don't have the power to do this, but if I did … I would shut down every rig in the Gulf of Mexico until Washington gave us what we’re asking for,” Landrieu said on the Senate floor. “I am tired of begging for nickels and dimes.”

Louisiana produces a large portion of the domestic oil supply.

Landrieu called on the Louisiana delegation in the House to “put their foot down” and stop the bill from advancing.

“I would strongly suggest our House delegation … go have a long talk with the chairman of the committee and figure out how to get this back in the bill,” Landrieu said.

The Senate passed its own WRDA bill this spring, which did include funding for the Morganza project.

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