Sanders: A vote for Boehner’s CR is a vote for sequestration

Sanders said it would be a “tragic mistake” for Senate Democrats to agree to such a plan.

“If the Senate approves the Boehner CR it will be the first time that our caucus will have affirmatively voted for sequestration levels of spending and would set a terrible precedent for future negotiations,” Sanders wrote in a letter to Democrats Sunday. “If the Boehner CR is approved, programs that millions of Americans rely on will be cut even further.”

Democrats have pointed to significant cuts to programs such as Meals on Wheels, Head Start and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Those programs are designed to help low-income individuals.

Sanders serves on the Senate Budget Committee, which produced a budget earlier this year that replaced sequestration with an equal amount of targeted cuts and tax increases in the wealthy. Sanders said Democrats should not back away from that plan.

“Many of us have fought to replace these harmful cuts by closing tax loopholes that benefit the most profitable corporations and wealthiest people in this country, but not one Republican has joined us in this effort,” Sanders said. “At a time when 21.5 million Americans are unemployed or under-employed, and the number of Americans living in poverty is near an all-time high, the American people cannot take even more austerity.”

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