McConnell pointed out that unemployment remains near 7 percent and underemployment is even higher. He compared Obama’s jobs numbers to those during former President Carter’s term in office and blamed it partially on ObamaCare.

Republicans have argued that the ObamaCare employer mandate, which requires businesses with more than 50 full-time employees to provide health insurance or face a fine, harms the economy and causes employers to reduce workers hours.

“These are all good reasons to not only delay but repeal this law,” McConnell said. “The only person who seems to be happy with ObamaCare is the guy who it’s named after.”

Obama decided to delay the employer mandate for one year, until 2015. McConnell has been pushing legislation in the Senate that would also delay the individual mandate requiring people to buy health insurance or pay a fee. McConnell said it’s unfair to treat individuals differently than businesses.

Democrats point out that the law is already benefiting those with preexisting conditions who can’t be denied coverage, people younger than 26 who can stay on a parent’s insurance plan and women who now pay less for preventive healthcare.