“I’m not criticizing Sen. Cruz … but lets think about the end game,” Coats said Wednesday. “Lets think about what may or may not be accomplished here.”

Cruz spent Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning on the Senate floor giving a 21-hour speech in opposition to funding ObamaCare.

The government will shut down Oct. 1 if Congress doesn't approve some form of government funding measure.

Cruz took to the floor to try to convince his Republican colleague not to support efforts to advance a House-pass continue spending resolution that defunds ObamaCare because Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry ReidTop Lobbyists 2017: Grass roots Boehner confronted Reid after criticism from Senate floor GOP in uncharted territory rolling back rules through resolutions MORE (D-Nev.) will likely remove that language.

Reid is expected to advance H.J.Res. 59 by the end of the week with an amendment to remove the House language that defunds ObamaCare. Many Republicans have said they’ll support the motion to end debate on the bill, but Cruz said that would be a vote to support ObamaCare since Reid has announced his intentions.

Coats and Coburn said they too oppose ObamaCare but they understand that it would be realistically impossible to get Democrats, who control the Senate, to support any funding measure that compromises the healthcare law.

“We’ve got a whole lot bigger problems than the Affordable Care Act — it’s just one of them,” Coburn said. “The real problem in this country right now is that we’re bankrupt.”