Over the weekend, the House voted to add language to the continued spending resolution (CR) that delays parts of ObamaCare for one year.

Senate Democrats have already rejected Republican attempts to attach ObamaCare limitations to a CR. Last week, Collins voted against restoring funding for the healthcare reform law, but on Monday she said it shouldn’t be linked to the CR.

“I voted against ObamaCare and have repeatedly voted to repeal, reform, and replace it, but I disagree with the strategy of linking ObamaCare with the continuing functioning of government — a strategy that cannot possibly work,” Collins said.

Lawmakers need to reach an agreement by midnight on legislation to fund the government, otherwise it will shut down.

Democrats want a “clean” CR to prevent a shut down, while Republican have said they’re willing to use the threat of a shutdown as leverage to delay the president’s signature healthcare law.

Collins said she thinks President Obama should reach out to lawmakers to try to avert a government shutdown.

“I urge the President and congressional leaders to sit down immediately and negotiate at least a stopgap funding measure to avoid a disruption in many vital programs on which our citizens rely,” Collins said.