Cardin: Debt ceiling debate is worse for economy than 9/11 attack

Lawmakers are at an impasse funding the government, which has been shut down for more than a week. They are also working against an Oct. 17 deadline for raising the nation's borrowing limit. 

The Treasury and the White House have warned that if the limit is not lifted, the government could default on its debt, leading to a recession. 

Republicans have insisted on concessions from Democrats, such as tax and entitlement reform, before they’re willing to reopen government or raise the debt ceiling. Democrats have repeatedly called on Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to pass the Senate’s “clean” continuing funding resolution and have accused Tea Party conservatives of taking the U.S. economy hostage. 

“Our message is clear to Speaker Boehner: Put down the gun, open government, allow us to pay our bills and yes we want to sit down and work out our differences.”

President Obama has been meeting with lawmakers this week in an effort to find a deal.

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