Sessions’s comments came after reports that President Obama would nominate Jeh Johnson to replace Janet Napolitano as the new DHS secretary. The formal announcement is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Sessions accused Obama of nominating “a loyalist and fundraiser” rather than someone with law enforcement experience.

“It would appear that the president plans to nominate a loyalist and fundraiser to this post. This is deeply concerning,” Sessions said. “This huge department must have a proven manager with strong relevant law enforcement experience, recognized independence and integrity, who can restore this department to its full capability.”

Johnson is the Pentagon's former top attorney.

Sessions has been critical of the administration’s policy not to deport DREAMers — illegal immigrants brought to the United States by their parents when they were children. He pointed to a report from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers’ association that said officers are being "forced" to apply the DREAMer status to "violent criminals."

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