Senate to probe ways to save money at Social Security Administration

The Senate Finance Committee next Thursday will hold a hearing to discuss whether the Social Security Administration is doing all it can to save taxpayer dollars and will hear from SSA Commissioner Michael Astrue.

That's one of just a handful of full committee hearings in the Senate next week, which include a discussion on proposed clean energy standards and reform to the healthcare delivery system. The Senate Commerce Committee will also hold an oversight hearing on the Federal Communications Commission.


Senate adjourns with no deal on student loans, Ex-Im

Democrats adjourned the Senate Thursday visibly frustrated after they were unable to move forward with both legislation reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank and legislation extending the current interest rate on student loans.


Sen. Kyl: Obama equates free enterprise with 'Gordon Gekko-style greed'

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) says President Obama views free enterprise as promoting "Gordon Gekko-style greed," a reference to the wealthy antagonist from the popular film "Wall Street."

"Today I want to look at another way free enterprise lifts up the poor — by promoting the free principles that make people more charitable and more socially responsible," Kyl said Thursday.

"This perspective sharply contrasts with President Obama's campaign narrative about social responsibility. He and many of his supporters paint free enterprise as a system that inherently clashes with social responsibility. In his telling, free enterprise is a system that mainly promotes Gordon Gecko-style greed and riches for those that least deserve, a system that must be reformed through higher taxes and larger government," he continued.


Senate broadens protections on whistleblowers

The Senate passed a bill by unanimous consent on Tuesday that broadens protections of federal employees who report "illegality, waste, fraud" or threats to safety.

The bill, S. 743, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement, with its committee-reported amendments, now goes to the House of Representatives now.