Poll: Public supportive but skeptical of Syria agreement

But 68 percent express little confidence that Syria would follow through with the agreement. Only 4 percent are “very confident” the agreement will hold up.  

The public has long expressed strong opposition to a military strike in the country after the United States concluded Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against his own people late last month. 

The public is split on whether the threat of force in Syria has helped the situation. Forty-seven percent believe it has, while 40 percent believe it has hurt the situation. The Obama administration has argued that a diplomatic resolution has only come about because the United States has used military pressure on Assad. 

If a diplomatic solution falls through, nearly a majority, 48 percent, still believes Congress should vote down military authorization in the country.  

President Obama’s approval rating hangs at 47 percent, while 47 percent disapprove. His rating drops to 36 percent when respondents are asked about his handling of Syria. 

However, the public trusts Obama with Syria ahead of Republicans in Congress. Forty-two percent believe Obama would do a better job, while 34 trust Republicans. 

Forty-seven percent of the public thought President Obama’s national address last Tuesday laying out the U.S. case in Syria was persuasive. But a majority thought it was either unpersuasive or had no opinion about it.