Kaiser poll: Dem support for ObamaCare spikes

Democratic support for the Affordable Care Act rebounded in December, but support for the law remains low overall.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released on Friday, 48 percent of all voters have a negative view of ObamaCare, compared to 34 percent who have a positive view. That’s nearly unchanged form the same poll in November, when the negative views carried a 49 to 33 percent advantage.

However, among Democrats, 68 percent now say they view the law favorably, up from 55 in the same poll last month. That’s encouraging for the Obama administration, which has had its hands full keeping Democrats on board during the troubled rollout.

The divide between those who would like to see the law repealed, and those who would like to see Congress improve or expand it has tightened significantly.

Forty-three percent said they’d like to see it expanded or kept as it is, against 42 percent who want it repealed. In October, those who wanted the law to stay in place had a 10-point advantage on those who wanted it repealed.

A strong majority, 64 percent, said they haven’t been affected by the law yet, 26 percent say they’ve been affected negatively, and 11 percent say it’s been positive for them.

Forty-seven percent said they don’t think they’ll ever be affected by the law, up from 41 percent in November.
With the website running smoother and enrollments increasing in November, the administration hopes it has weathered the worst of the bungled rollout.

But while polls show support for the law has ticked up recently, the healthcare law remains unpopular overall.

According to a CBS News-New York Times poll released on Wednesday, 39 percent said they approve of the law, against 50 percent who disapprove. The approval rating has increased 8 percentage points since last month, according to that survey.

The Kaiser survey of 1,206 adults was conducted between Dec. 10 and Dec. 15 and has a 3-percentage point margin of error.