OVERNIGHT TECH: Net-neutrality hearing arrives

MARKUP: The Communications subcommittee will mark up the GOP's resolution of disapproval immediately after the hearing. The GOP is unlikely to allow amendments, and the measure is expected to sail through a vote. 

NEXT STEP: A companion resolution is already introduced in the Senate. If the repeal effort passes both chambers, President Obama can still veto it. 

DRIVING THE DAY — TEST VOTES: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced a deal with Republicans Tuesday that will allow the Senate to vote on rival spending measures Wednesday, per the The Hill's Floor Action Blog. More: http://bit.ly/dRNNbW.

THE OPTIONS, from Josiah Ryan: The chamber will vote on a GOP measure to cut spending this year by an extra $57.5 billion, and a Democratic alternative to cut spending by another $6.5 billion.

LOW EXPECTATIONS, Ryan reports: The Senate will vote first on the GOP measure. If it fails to win the necessary 60 votes to end debate, the Senate will move to a vote on the Democratic bill. Both are expected to fall short of the 60-vote hurdle. 

GENACHOWSKI TO UNVEIL DIGITAL-LEARNING PUSH: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is planning to announce the agency's biggest push yet to connect students to mobile broadband outside the classroom. He will make the announcement Wednesday at an event in New York City. More: http://bit.ly/f9aNJi.

iAWFUL BILLS SCHEDULED FOR TONGUE LASHING: NetChoice will reveal its 2011 list of "iAwful" bills — the worst legislation related to the Internet. No net neutrality here. But watch out, Do Not Track and social-networking bills: You're both ringer-bound. Stay tuned. 

More Wednesday happenings:

CHOPRA, GOOLSBEE, WEISER AT ITIF … A Wednesday discussion at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation will focus on President Obama's innovation policy. It will feature Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee and National Economic Council senior adviser Philip Weiser. 

PATRIOT ACT ... A House Judiciary subcommittee holds a Patriot Act hearing.

INNOVATION AT HOUSE JUDICIARY … The Intellectual Property subcommittee holds a Wednesday hearing on "Driving American Innovation: Creating Jobs and Boosting our Economy." 

TRADE REP. ON THE HILL ... Senate Finance has a Wednesday hearing on President Obama's 2011 trade agenda, featuring U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. 

CHINA … The House Foreign Affairs Committee holds a Wednesday hearing on "China's Indigenous Innovation Trade and Investment Policies: How Great a Threat?" 

SPACE … On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee holds a hearing on NASA. The panel will focus on programmatic challenges in the 21st century. 

SMALL BIZ … The Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee will mark up the Small Business Innovation and Small Business Technology Transfer Reauthorization Act on Wednesday.

Tuesday wrap-up: 

LEAHY PRAISES SENATE PASSAGE OF PATENT REFORM: Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy's bill passed 95-5 on Tuesday. "After six years of debate and discussion, the Senate has finally acted to make the first meaningful, comprehensive reforms to the nation’s patent system in nearly 60 years. Passage of the America Invents Act demonstrates what we can accomplish when we cast aside partisan rhetoric, and focus on working together for the American people and for our future," Leahy said.

OBAMA STATEMENT: "This long-overdue reform is vital to our ongoing efforts to modernize America’s patent laws and reduce the backlog of 700,000 patent applications — which won’t just increase transparency and certainty for inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses, but help grow our economy and create good jobs. I want to thank Senators [Patrick] Leahy, [Chuck] Grassley and [Orrin] Hatch for their leadership on this issue, and I look forward to working with the House of Representatives to pass patent reform legislation I can sign into law."