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House panel passes bill to delay administration's Internet shift

The House Commerce subcommittee on Technology voted Thursday to halt the Obama administration’s plan to relinquish U.S. oversight of the Internet’s Web address system.

Over objections and amendments from Democrats, the subcommittee’s 16 Republicans approved the Domain Openness Through Continued Oversight Matters (DOTCOM) Act, which would prevent the Commerce Department from relinquishing its oversight role of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).


Lofgren calls for sweeping NSA, email privacy reforms

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Cailf.) repeated calls for sweeping privacy reforms to address both National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance and digital privacy from law enforcement agencies.

Congress has to examine “whether the fourth amendment really is available to modern Americans in a digital age,” Lofgren said Wednesday, speaking at a Computer and Communications Industry Association event.


HP to pay $108 million over bribery charges

Computer giant Hewlett-Packard will pay more than $108 million to settle federal charges that its foreign subsidiaries used millions of dollars for bribes, slush funds and secret deals in order to secure government contracts.

The schemes involved fraud, expensive gifts and cash bribes in Mexico, Poland and Russia, according to charges from the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission released on Wednesday.