Roseanne Barr apparently isn’t giving up on her White House hopes.

The comedienne and NBC “Last Comic Standing” judge says, “I might keep running till I win.”

Barr reportedly placed sixth overall in the 2012 presidential election — garnering more than 49,000 votes — when she ran as a candidate of the Peace and Freedom party.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Barr said, “I definitely can win — it’s a possibility, it’s not a probability but it’s a possibility. If you can make it to the ballot, you can win.”

The entertainer, 61, said of the current political system: “It’s just two parties who work for the same boss.

“They all work for bankers who give them money,” she continued. “They get in there, and all they do is enrich themselves and enrich the people who gave them the millions of dollars it takes to run.”

The Emmy Award-winning former sitcom star told the paper that she “tried to bring up subjects that it seemed nobody was talking about  — working people and the things they go through and whether they’re being fairly represented in government, which I don’t think they are.”