President Obama continued his tour of the nation's fast-food restaurants Thursday with a trip to Matt's Bar, a Minneapolis eatery known for its unique burgers.

The signature menu item, known as a "Jucy Lucy," has melted cheese in the middle of the patty.

The president, who scarfed down the meal with an iced tea, deemed it "a great burger," according to reporters traveling with him.

Obama has been on a fast-food kick of late. Earlier this week, Obama popped into Chipotle near the Working Families Summit he was attending in Northwest D.C.

"It had been a while since I had the burrito bowl, and it was good," Obama told a crowd later that afternoon.

Earlier this month, the president took an impromptu walk to a Starbucks near the White House. And Obama has twice sought out burgers in Washington, D.C., in recent weeks — a trip to Shake Shack with Vice President Biden, and a visit to the FireFlies Restaurant in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood with Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Obama shared his Thursday lunch with Rebekah Erler, a 36-year old working mother who wrote the president about her struggles keeping up with the economy. The White House said Obama's trip to Minnesota is the first in a series of travels designed to provide the president insight into the concerns of American families.

"We have to mix it up," White House press secretary Josh Earnest told MSNBC on Thursday. "The president himself certainly enjoys the opportunity to break out of what Harry Truman famously called the crown jewel of the federal prison system that you see behind me here and to get out traveling across the country, spending time with everyday Americans."

Obama also worked the crowd in the Minneapolis bar, chatting with one couple about his favorite TV show of all time, "M*A*S*H," — and one young man who played baseball.

"You've got some height on you," Obama said. "Are you a pitcher? How's your arm?"