He stirs up the political debate on Fox News Channel, but at home, Sean Hannity is whipping up something else entirely — breakfast.

“I’m the breakfast guy,” the “Hannity” host told People magazine for its “Hollywood at Home” feature. The conservative cable news pundit, who’s hinted at a possible political run in the past, worked as a short-order cook in a restaurant as a teen.

“One Thanksgiving the cook quit — turkeys still in the oven," Hannity said. "The owner of the restaurant threw me an apron and said, ‘You’re in!'"

Now, he added, his teenage son and daughter are fans of his morning meals. “My kids love my pancakes and eggs. For years I would cook on Sundays, but I’ve turned it over to them. I want to make sure they can cook.”

While his breakfast skills are praised by his family, Hannity, 52, admits he’s not exactly known for leaving the kitchen in his New York home spotless.

“I get to make a big mess,” he said, “while my wife handles the dishes.” Of said wife, Jill, he tells the glossy mag, “She likes my cooking, so it’s all good!”