Tim Scott: I'm not the only senator who flunked civics

Sen. Tim Scott says some of his colleagues in Congress might need a civics lesson — or three.

“[I thought] I might be the only United States senator to ever fail civics,” the South Carolina Republican told a crowd of students at a Wednesday conference in Washington organized by the Young America's Foundation.

“Now that I’m in the United States Senate,” he added with a grin, “I’ll tell you that I am not the only United States senator who failed civics. There are a whole lotta those boys and girls! Lord, have mercy!”

But civics wasn’t the only tough subject for Scott, the 48-year-old lawmaker admitted.
“I also failed Spanish and English,” he disclosed, “and when you fail Spanish and English, they don’t call you bilingual: They call you bi-ignorant, because you can’t speak in any language! That’s where I found my happy self.”

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