Rogers, who married the House Intelligence Committee chairman’s dad, John, in 2010, contends steroid-makers should face tougher regulations, saying, “These places should be inspected."

John Rogers says he asked his 50-year-old son, who sites on a committee that oversees the Food and Drug Administration, about additional regulations making their way through Congress. According to the local paper, the congressman told his dad that the panel was working on legislation, but “government works slow.”

John Rogers, however, got his wish. On Saturday, the House passed a bill by voice vote that would regulate specialty pharmacies. That legislation was crafted after a Massachusetts company sold thousands of doses of a tainted steroid that led to 64 deaths across the country.

It's unclear if the injection that Rogers' stepmother came from that company, which has been closed down.

Rep. Rogers’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment.