McCaskill's daughter writes of losing grandmother during Senate campaign

Esposito says her grandmother was admitted to the hospital on the first day of a weeklong RV tour for her mom’s 2012 reelection campaign. After hearing that the elder McCaskill’s health was declining, Esposito, who helped with her mother’s reelection bid, says she and some campaign staffers “picked up my mom from her hotel and drove five hours, from the south to the east, on a mostly empty highway. She slept in the back. I remember wishing I hadn't drank two whiskey sodas. I remember listening to XM radio. I don’t remember what was playing.”

The senator’s daughter, whose father, David Esposito, was murdered in 2005, describes the pain of visiting her grandmother as she stayed in the intensive care unit and then taking her to hospice care, writing, “Watching someone die is a much different experience than being told someone has died.”

The New School grad writes that after her grandmother died, “I remember my aunt making us take a shot of Skyy vodka, Mimi’s drink of choice.”

McCaskill, 60, tweeted a link to her daughter’s blog post on Thursday night, writing: