Justin Trudeau watched ‘West Wing’ to prepare for debates
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he drew inspiration from a fictional American president to prepare for political debates.

Speaking to a podcast for fans of "The West Wing," Trudeau admitted he watched videos of the TV show's president Jed Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen, to prep for debates.

The Canadian leader told "The West Wing Weekly" that his particular favorite is a 2002 episode showing Bartlet in a debate — especially a scene showing Bartlet tear into his opponent for offering "10-word answers" without nuance.

“I watched it on YouTube to try to bone up for my own debates,” Trudeau said.

He said he relates to Bartlet in that he understands the struggles of leading a country, and shares some of the same moral challenges that the TV president faces. 

“There are little moments where I get to channel my inner Bartlet," he said. "But in general, it's the struggles he has.”

Trudeau added that he was inspired by how politics can be shaped around "ideals and values and principles" as it is in the show, and that he wishes it was as easy to lead a country as Bartlet makes it appear to be on the show. 

"We were all in a certain sense colored by having watched West Wing while we were thinking about how we wanted to have an impact on the world in our lives," he said.