Seth Meyers lashed out at President Trump on Wednesday night, saying that his response to the car attack at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., has shown the world that he's a "lying racist."

"After being pressured into reading a carefully scripted statement denouncing Nazis on Monday, President Trump has spent the rest of the week showing us who he really is — and this is exciting — a lying racist," Meyers said on "Late Night."

"You could just tell that ever since he made that forced statement on Monday, Trump has been itching to tell us how he really felt," Meyers went on.


The host then called Trump out on a statement he made at his now-famous press conference on Tuesday, where the president said there were many "fine people" among the protesters, and that "both sides" shared blame for the violence.

“There are no fine people marching with Nazis and white supremacists. No one gets accidentally caught up in a white supremacist rally,” Meyers said. "The president of the United States thinks a crowd of Nazis shouting 'Jews will not replace us' are ‘very fine people.’”

"Trump isn't just a racist — he's also a narcissist," Meyers continued. "He defends the white nationalist movement because he's racist and because they show up and chant his name ... What Tuesday shows is that he will never change. It shows us who he really is, which is a lying racist who is desperate for praise."