Ivanka Trump offers solar eclipse lesson
© Getty Images

First daughter Ivanka Trump used her Twitter account on Sunday to explain Monday's solar eclipse to her nearly 4.4 million followers.

Trump, who also serves as an assistant to the president in the White House, tweeted a graphic originally found on NASA's website. The graphic shows how the positioning of the sun and moon creates an eclipse effect.

"Wondering how it works? In a solar #eclipse, the moon passes between the sun & Earth & blocks all or part of the sun for up to about 3 hrs," Trump wrote in the caption.

This was her first tweet since her remarks on Saturday in support of anti-racist protesters in Boston. 

This will be the first solar eclipse visible along the contiguous United States since 1979, according to NASA's website. The event will be partially visible across most of the country, while a small, 70-mile-wide band running through middle of the country will be able to view the total eclipse.

"It was beautiful to see thousands of people across the U.S.A come together today to peacefully denounce bigotry, racism & anti-Semitism. We must continue to come together, united as Americans!" Trump tweeted late Saturday.

She tweeted about the eclipse previously on Thursday, tweeting another graphic from NASA's website that shows the path of the eclipse across a map of the United States.

"On Monday, the US will witness its first total solar since 1979. It will be visible in every state. Where will you be?