Shimon Peres’s son says dad’s posthumous book ‘will serve as a lighthouse’ for politically cynical world
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A new book from a former Israeli president aims to inject some optimism into a politically cynical world.

“For me, the book will serve as a lighthouse for those who feel that the world is a little bit dark,” Nehemia Peres says of “No Room for Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, and the Making of Modern Israel,” a posthumous book by his father, former Israeli President Shimon Peres. “It’s a compass for those that lost direction. For me, in the book, between the stories, he planted all the tools that he used in his life to travel his unbelievable journey from Poland into the president of Israel.”

Peres finished the tome just weeks before he died at 93 years old last September, after suffering a severe stroke.

“The book, for me, is his last project, the last work that he left for the world. Sometimes it’s classified as a memoir or as an autobiography, but, for me, it’s really an inspiring book with a clear message for the next generations.”

But will Americans, many of whom might be disillusioned by politics, appreciate his father’s words?

“I can tell you, basically, my father was the greatest optimist in the world. And he used to say that optimists and pessimists die the same way, but they live different lives,” Peres says.

The book, released Tuesday, has won praise from big names on both sides of the aisle, with former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Clinton and Obama all offering accolades on its back cover.

Obama described Peres as a “treasured friend,” while Bush said he “helped pave a path to peace.”

“I think my father was bipartisan by nature,” Peres, a venture capitalist, tells ITK. “Sometimes in politics we are divided by right and left. My father really did not care if you are coming from the right side of the political map or from the left side of the political map, because for him the world was forward-backwards. My father wanted to travel forward.”

His father, who shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize, had “great relationships” with all of the living American presidents, Nehemia Peres says.

While he never knew President Trump as a political candidate and died before he would win the White House, Peres’s son says Israel’s ninth president knew him “very well.”

Several news outlets, including The Times of Israel and CNN, have reported that a 1989 trip by Trump to Israel never actually happened. But, Peres says: “Trump came to Israel and my father hosted him for a full day. He took him to see the Dead Sea and he spent almost a day with him.”

Peres says the very first letter the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation received following his father’s stroke was from Trump. The note was “encouraging us, wishing him a fast recovery, and praising him as a great man and great human being. So it really touched our hearts,” Peres recalls.

“My father had always a very clear view of the world and historical movements. He used to say that America is changing. He admired America because he thought it’s a country that’s giving to the world.”

“I think what he would’ve been doing is not saying anything, but rather trying to meet with President Trump and voice his views and voice his ideas with the hope that he can inspire and influence,” says Peres.

“As soon as he understood that his life [was] about to be ended, he decided to write this book,” Peres explains. “He wanted this book to be his voice to those he would not be able to physically meet with. I do hope that world leaders, including President Trump, have the opportunity to read the book. I do hope the book will serve as a voice for him.”