James Corden says he regrets Spicer kiss
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CBS's "Late Late Show" host James Corden says he regrets getting close with former White House press secretary Sean SpicerSean Michael SpicerChris Wallace: Trump's Russia sanctions 'neither bold nor swift' In this administration, there have been many examples of courageous defiance Fox's Ingraham rejects characterization of White House turnover as chaos: 'That's called smart staffing' MORE at the Emmy Awards on Sunday. 

In a monologue at the opening of his show Monday night, Corden responded to the social media backlash that he faced after Variety posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday showing the late-night host planting a kiss on the ex-Trump spokesman's cheek. 

"Now, I know you think that’s a picture of me kissing Sean Spicer," Corden said. "But in the spirit of Sean Spicer, no, it isn't.


"Anyone ever have that feeling when you get a little drunk and then wake up the next morning and think, 'Oh God, who did I kiss last night?' It's a bit like that," he added. "To be fair, everyone was kissing ass last night at the Emmys. I just happened to kiss the biggest one there." 

Corden faced criticism after the picture was posted online, with some viewers accusing the late-night host of cozying up to the former Trump administration official.

But in his Monday night monologue, Corden said he had seen the criticism on social media and acknowledged that he was "disappointed" by the kiss.  

"Now, understandably, some people have been disappointed by this photo," he said. "In truth, I'm disappointed by it as well. I've been reading a lot of harsh comments on Twitter today, and I hear you loud and clear — truly, I do. So much so I'm really starting to regret that 'Carpool Karaoke' that we've taped with Steve Bannon. Feels like a mistake today."