‘The Simpsons’ ends with plea for Puerto Rico aid
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"The Simpsons" called for its viewers to help Puerto Rico with its relief efforts following Hurricane Maria at the end of its episode on Sunday night.

The episode closed with several of the show's characters holding a large Puerto Rican flag. Marge Simpson, behind the flag, also holds a sign that says "Unido," or "United," Time reported

A tear rolls down the face of the character Lisa Simpson, who stands in front of the flag.

The show's Twitter account posted a still from the moment on its account with the message "How you can help... #TheSimpsons."

The still listed several charities accepting donations, including Save the Children and UNICEFUSA.

It's possible the stern looks on the faces of several of the characters were also meant as a response to the Trump administration, which has been criticized over its efforts in Puerto Rico.

President Trump defended his administration from that criticism over the weekend, while also slamming San Juan's mayor for exhibiting "poor leadership."

San Juan Major Carmen Yulín Cruz had blasted the administration over its response to the U.S. territory's plight.

Trump is scheduled to travel to Puerto Rico on Tuesday.