There’s at least one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on: they heart bison.

The second annual National Bison Day is poised to be celebrated on Saturday after the Senate passed a resolution earlier this week recognizing the behemoth animals.

In a news release, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) touted the bipartisan support bison managed to garner: “At a time when Congress appears at its most divided, senators of both parties came together to pass the National Bison Day Resolution by unanimous consent.”

Calling bison “quintessentially American,” WCS’s John Calvelli said in a statement, “We encourage everyone to make Nov. 2 ... a day to re-connect to this enduring symbol of America’s natural heritage.”

The brouhaha over bison apparently doesn’t end with its day of national recognition — there’s even a push to make the large herbivores the National Mammal of the United States.