First lady big fan of 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Michelle Obama says she’s a major “So You Think You Can Dance” fan.

The first lady revealed her love of the Fox dance competition series during remarks Tuesday at the White House.

Obama welcomed Nakul Dev Mahajan, a Bollywood dancer and choreographer on the show, to celebrate the Hindu holiday of Diwali, known as the festival of lights.

“Nakul is here from one of my favorite shows on the planet — ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’” Obama said.

Obama, who appeared in a “Late Night” skit with Jimmy Fallon earlier this year called the “Evolution of Mom Dancing,” continued, “of course, as you all know, I think I can dance. But not as good as they can dance.” 

The president’s wife said of the celebration, which included food and dancing, “We had a wonderful time, and I think, as Nakul pointed out, it was the first time that we did Bollywood in the State Room here at the White House.”


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