Maybe next time Erica Elliot should consider a staycation.

The story of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) communications director’s Monday flight from Little Rock, Ark., back to Washington played out like a bad comedy — complete with the loss of a precious piece of technology, the dreaded terrible seatmate and a bit about sitting on the floor of the airport.

According to her tweets, Elliott’s trip itself to the Natural State seemed pretty heavenly. She posted photos for her more than 3,000 followers of a “beautiful” nature trail, a meal at an Arkansas brasserie that included peach-infused whiskey and duck confit, and a visit to the Arkansas Razorbacks’ stadium. And then…things went downhill. Fast.

On Monday, Elliott tweeted:



A bit of good news came Elliott’s way after she landed on a connecting flight in Chicago and discovered that her beloved smartphone was safe in the hands of a car rental employee back in Little Rock. But things quickly took a turn for the worse once again.



She then updated followers on her truly sad state of traveling affairs, writing:



Then her trip started sounding downright comical.



And that wasn’t the end of it:



ITK reached out to Elliott for an update on her travel saga. We're happy to report that, albeit "barely" and sans Blackberry, Elliott says she made it back to D.C. in one piece. We have a feeling she's not going anywhere again anytime soon.