Blumenauer: Oh yeah — I watch 'Portlandia'
© Anne Wernikoff

Rep. Earl BlumenauerEarl BlumenauerFifth Dem announces plan to boycott Trump's State of the Union Maxine Waters to skip Trump's State of the Union People with addiction issues should be able to control their own health data MORE can relate to a sketch comedy series set in his home state.

When asked if he watches the IFC show, “Portlandia,” the Oregon Democrat replied to National Review Online, “Those are my people.”

The TV satire starring Carrie Brownstein and “Saturday Night Live” alum Fred Armisen has a bit of fun with the granola-crunching tendencies of some of Portland’s population.

But the bowtie-wearing and bicycle-riding congressman, 65, says it took him awhile to determine exactly what he was watching, saying, “It was the first three episodes before I realized that it was a parody and not a documentary.”

Blumenauer recalled two skits that appeared all too real, including a sketch in which the characters, while dining at a restaurant, interrogate a waitress about the origin of the organic chicken they’re considering ordering (requesting photos and a behavior analysis of the fowl): “Those are my people. Naked bike rides, the people who really want to know the name of the chicken, where was it raised, how much space? We’re very free-range.”

He also cited another of the show’s gags, which followed a so-called Allergy Pride Parade and featured floats depicting lactose intolerance and wheat and soy allergy-sufferers.

“The Allergy Pride Parade probably happens in Portland,” Blumenauer said. “It’s fun.”