Sanchez thinks positive for Christmas card

Rep. Loretta SanchezLoretta L. SanchezFeinstein challenger faces uphill battle Calif. Senate candidate 'dabs' at debate California Republican endorses Democrat's Senate bid MORE’s (D-Calif.) annual Christmas card went public last night, featuring a relatively upbeat and apolitical message compared to years past.

“Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, may all your dream comes true this holiday season,” the card says after a picture of Sanchez with her husband, Jack Einwechter, at Disneyland, which is within the California Democrat's district.

Asked why a photo of Einwechter appeared under the word "naughty," Sanchez joked to The Hill that it was because "all boys are naughty!"

Sanchez’s Christmas cards are an anticipated holiday tradition in the Capitol due to their often-humorous design and the popularity of her beloved cat, Gretzky. Past cards have featured Gretzky riding a motorcycle or, fittingly, wearing a hockey helmet.

When Gretzky died in 2010, the card for that year commemorated him. He has continued to pop up in the background of Sanchez’s cards ever since, this time appearing in one of the card’s vacation-style “snapshots.”

Sanchez’s cards often mention political issues. Last year, Sanchez invited constituents to “dance with joy this holiday season … (just not too close to fiscal cliffs),” alluding to the fiscal battle that was then upcoming. In 2011, her card referenced the Occupy movement.

Sanchez says she chose a more neutral theme this year as she wanted "stike a very positive note" at the end of a year largely defined by intense partisanship. She also said that she'd had to negotiate shooting the card's photos at Disneyland, and the park wanted to avoid any political connotations.

Sanchez says she has "lots of ideas" for future cards, but won't tip her hand besides saying that following next year's election she may be more willing to use a political theme again.