John Kerry funny — who knew?

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Secretary of State John Kerry is funny. No, really — he is.

The former senator wasn’t known as a jokester in the upper chamber, but he attracted multiple laughs during an event earlier this week at the State Department.

Kerry actually got eight laughs while addressing employees at Foggy Bottom. He noted that the holiday reception was initially going to take place, well, before the holidays but “storms and different things invaded us.”

The Cabinet member dubbed the day “the 13th day of Christmas.” And he said each of the attendees was going to get a special packet: “Please forgive me if you get a football that says New England Patriots on it — and if you get [one] that says Boston Red Sox, I want you to wear it with pride as an extended member of Red Sox Nation.”

Like any good comedian, Kerry tackled the weather: “Is it cold enough for you out there? This is what we call a polar vortex, and for any of you are confused or frightened by it, this is springtime in Boston.” Bada-bing!

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