Lawmaker proposes extending the college football season

Florida State University won the college football championship Monday night, but Rep. Fred Upton is pushing for one more game.

The Michigan Republican congratulated the Seminoles during an exchange on the House floor Monday night with Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.).

Southerland noted that FSU defeated Auburn University, 34-31, in a thrilling ending: “With 1 minute and 11 seconds left, the Seminoles drove 80 yards to score the game-winning touchdown, thereby capping an undefeated season.”

Upton congratulated Southerland on the House floor and tongue in cheek suggested there should be one more game: FSU against the Michigan State Spartans, who finished third in the country.

This “national championship” could occur over the next couple months, said Upton, who attended the University of Michigan.

Southerland replied, “We will contact the coaches and see what we can do,” before adding, “Go ‘Noles.”



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