Robert Gates was at the Pentagon Thursday signing his new memoir for a line of several hundred military members and civilian workers that snaked out of the food court into the courtyard.

There was applause as the former Defense secretary walked to the signing table.

Asked by The Hill what the best response to his book has been so far, Gates quipped, "Jon Stewart's."

Gates appeared on "The Daily Show" on Wednesday, wearing a neck brace after falling on New Year's Day at his home and breaking his first vertebrae.

"Apparently you wrote about Chris Christie and there was retribution," Stewart joked, referencing the bridge scandal there.  

Gates's memoir, Duty: A Secretary at War, made waves through Washington as excerpts were published last week that were highly critical of President Obama's handling of the Afghan War.

"Washington is so polarized that absolutely everything is used to prove one political point or another," he told Stewart. "So people have cherry-picked individual quotes if it supports their position."

"If you're against [Bush], there's material. Same thing with President Obama. But I think it's a very honest account," Gates said.