Seattle Seahawks’s cornerback Richard Sherman said on Sports Illustrated’s website Friday he wouldn’t pursue a career in politics.

“People have asked me about a life after football, and more than once I’ve been asked about a life in politics. Sorry, but it’s not for me,” Sherman said.

Sherman, whose team won the Super Bowl Sunday, became a national celebrity for ranting about his opponent in a TV interview after he made the game-winning play in the NFC Championship Game.

Sherman later apologized for his comments.

Instead of politics, Sherman said he wants to teach football to kids.

“I want to stay around the game of football and teach as many kids as I can. I want kids to experience football as a gateway to visit places and see new things, the way it was for me. It’s been a gift from God to be able to play the game and understand it at a high level, and I think I need to share it,” Sherman wrote for Sports Illustrated.

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) joked earlier this week in a tweet that Sherman should consider entering politics.