Jake Tapper's bestselling book is getting closer to hitting the big screen.

The CNN host of "The Lead" is partnering with Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson to turn Tapper's book, The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, into a screenplay.

The 622-page tome focuses on one of the deadliest battles in Afghanistan, when Taliban insurgents battled outnumbered U.S. troops by a margin of about 8-1. Tapper spent nearly two years on the book, interviewing more than 225 people.

Tamasy and Johnson are no strangers to Hollywood, having been nominated for an Oscar for "The Fighter" script. Tapper tells us he's very comfortable with the two writers, adding he knows a good chunk of his reporting won't make it into the final screenplay.

"If it all did," Tapper said, "It would be a 10-part miniseries."

Tapper said he first heard about the Oct. 3, 2009, battle in Afghanistan the day after his son, Jack, was born. He was holding Jack in the hospital, watching TV when he learned "eight other sons had been taken from this Earth."

It was "a life-changing moment," Tapper said.

If the script becomes a movie, Tapper that he would need to be part of the production process.

"This is the most meaningful project I've ever worked on," he said.

Soldiers who were part of the 2009 battle and their families are pleased that the book could become a movie someday, Tapper said, adding he informed them before this news went public. He praised their "incredible cooperation" and has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the project to military-related charities.