‘Scandal’ star sees many links between show, DC
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Joe Morton, who plays the omnipresent Rowan Pope on ABC’s “Scandal,” said the fictional D.C. in the hit show and the real D.C. share many similarities.

“The fact that [one of the characters] is having an affair with the president is still maybe not so different than the Clintons and JFKs of the world,” Morton told us.

Morton plays the head of the top-secret government agency B-613, which executes murders and torture, among other covert missions.  He imagines such a structure likely exists within the federal government.

“I think there is some sort of dark black-ops branch of the CIA that pulls all the strings,” Morton said. “That power never rests in one place. In some way … Obama faced that. He walked in with all these hopes, dreams and things he wanted to do, but probably found out it was much more difficult than he expected. Maybe that problem is that there is no particular all-encompassing control in the White House.”

He said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) would benefit from hiring a real-life Olivia Pope, the show’s protagonist who helps politicians stuck in scandalous situations. Christie’s 2016 presidential aspirations have taken a hit amid the “Bridgegate” scandal in the Garden State.

“Christie probably needs her help at the moment if he wants to stay on track,” Morton said.

 “Scandal” returns Feb. 27.