An Oregon-based toy manufacturer is now selling an Edward Snowden action figure. unveiled its new toy this week on its website. It features Snowden’s “lifelike head” on a 12-inch body with “pre-fitted clothes.”

The company specializes in producing custom-made face or head products.

Each Snowden action figure is made to order, and buyers can choose from various outfits including military brown, casual, Indiana Jones and a business suit. A laptop prop is also available for purchase with the toy. People can also buy only Snowden’s head for $60.

The figure costs $99, and all of the proceeds will be donated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Snowden is a member of the group’s board of directors with Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg, journalist Glenn Greenwald and actor John Cusack, among others.

The foundation did not endorse the product, according to the toy manufacturer.

“Disclaimer: Edward Snowden and Freedom of the Press Foundation does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or our Edward Snowden figure,” says. 

Snowden was a contractor at the National Security Agency when he stole highly classified U.S. documents, which he began leaking to media outlets last June. The information has disclosed the scope of the NSA's domestic and international surveillance programs. 

Since last August, he’s been living in Russia under temporary asylum. That status expires at the end of July.