Speaker John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerLobbying World Freedom Caucus wants budget reforms attached to debt limit increase Trey Gowdy announces retirement from Congress MORE got a bit of his own medicine on Wednesday, after he started joshing a couple of reporters about their clothes at a press conference.

The Ohio Republican, who is rarely seen in the Capitol without a deep tan, a dark tailored suit and meticulously combed hair, has a long-running habit of ribbing members, staffers and reporters over everything from their shoes to their facial hair.

He got into it again on Wednesday at a press conference, picking on two Bloomberg scribes who were wearing rather brightly colored shirts. Both took the jibes in stride, and one, Jonathan Nicholson, shot back at the famously bronzed Speaker, “Nice tan, sir.”


The roomful of reporters erupted in laughter and oohs and ahhs, and Boehner joined in.

“I can dish it out, and I can take it,” he said with a big smile before allowing Nicholson to proceed with his question.